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You might find that shopping for a new car can be intimidating because most of us don't have to rely on our "bargaining" skills very often when making a purchase since the price is usually set. This feeling may also be the reason that certain people sometimes end up paying much more than others who are more familiar with new car prices because they have done their homework and sharpened their negotiating skills.

Getting Started with Finding the BEST New Car Deals

To deal with realistic new car prices, concentrate on the kind of car you need, based on the number of people you have to transport, the type of driving you usually do, the length of your daily commute, and the gas mileage factor. (If you let your wants take a back seat, you are sure to make the right decision.) Determine if you should have automatic or manual transmission, need four-wheel drive, the appropriate safety features, the cargo you will be carrying, and if this vehicle will fit where you ordinarily park.

Staying Within Your Budget

In general, it is recommended that your monthly car payment should be no more than 20% of your monthly net pay, and you can utilize our free service to find the lowest car prices. Quotes from dealers may include the purchase price, your down payment, the length of the loan, and the applicable interest rate which will be very helpful when you negotiate at the dealership.

When you compare new car prices, note that one vehicle could be less expensive to purchase but cost more to own in the long run. This could happen if it is more expensive to maintain or insure than other cars, provides poor gas mileage, or depreciates more quickly.

When you visit a dealership-preferably a local one who would probably want to establish an ongoing relationship with you-have the invoice price of the car that interests you close at hand, because this represents what the dealer actually paid for it. Your first offer should be about $500 below this sticker price, it should decrease further if you are offered a rebate or some other incentive, and it will give you some room to maneuver as you hammer out the details of your deal. If you end up paying 4% to 8% above the invoice price, you can consider that deal a good one. When the negotiations end and you are given the final agreement in written form for the purchase of your vehicle, read it carefully to make certain that no unauthorized add-ons have been slipped in.

When to Buy Your Car

Ideally, you should go shopping for a car during the week when dealership is less busy, the sales staff is anxious to make a sale, and car prices may be lower. Looking for the best car prices online has also become increasingly popular, and people are generally pleased with the results.

Car dealers are aware of this trend, and they now have their own Internet Department to serve informed shoppers who know exactly the car they want and the exact amount they are prepared to pay. In this case, both the purchaser and the salesperson can easily proceed to test driving the car and signing the purchase contract.

Try phoning or e-mailing the Internet Manager before you go to the dealership to establish good rapport and build your confidence at the same time, and find out if the exact model you plan to buy is already on the lot. You might even send requests to multiple dealers and fine-tune your search by evaluating the responses you receive. Another advantage of doing this is that the salesperson will often provide a "rock bottom" quote immediately when you get to the dealership, and both of you will be saving money and time.

When to Shop for a New Car

Try to visit a dealership when special sales and other promotions are advertised or "model clearing" is in effect. Once you get there, you will need to test drive the exact car you want with the same set of options you would like to have in order to avoid suffering "buyer's remorse" once you drive the new car home. The sales staff may be under pressure to close the deal and lower new car prices, especially if the dealership's sales goals for the month haven't been met.

As you test drive the car, try to duplicate the driving conditions you expect it to meet once the contract is signed and you drive it off the lot. For example, a commuter should test a vehicle at highway speeds and in the "stop and go" traffic of Main Street. Try testing the brakes in an empty parking lot or some other safe location, and see if the back seat is comfortable for your passengers. Leave the radio off, and don't let the salesperson's chatter distract you. Your aim is to discover if you can live with this car for a long time.

Getting a Warranty for Your New Car

Since you are searching for the lowest new car prices, you can also purchase a warranty that will extend the coverage you have from the manufacturer. (Getting it at that point will provide you with the most coverage at the very lowest price.) Before you take that step, determine whether you will be able to afford expensive repairs on your vehicle in the future, if the need arises.

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